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On this page you'll find all the release history from Beta 1.0.0.

Release 1.2.53

Evolutions from version 1.2.10 :
  • Spring, migration to version 4.3.9
  • Struts, migration to version 2.5.12
  • Hibernate, migration to version 5.2.10
  • JQuery, migration to version 1.11.3
  • JQuery UI, migration to version 1.11.4
  • Noty JS, migration to version 2.3.7
  • Log4J2, migration to version 2.8
  • POI, migration to version 3.16

Release 1.2.10

Evolutions from version 1.2.02 :
  • Spring, migration to version 4.1.5
  • Struts, migration to version 2.3.20
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.8
  • JQuery, migration to version 1.11.2
  • JQuery UI, migration to version 1.11.3
  • Noty JS, migration to version 2.3.4
  • Log4J, migration to version 2.2
  • POI, migration to version 3.11
  • JSoup, migration to version 1.8.1
  • Web services, you can now create, update search.
  • Added an information when session expired.
  • A task or a project is now considered as due if supposedEndDate <= today.
  • Change the Log4J format pattern and some behaviour.
  • You can change the log level of LoggingInterceptor by using a parameter
  • Changed the Web services URI, added a /view for selection of element. Also WebService are now dispatched using POST, GET, DELETE, PUT methods
  • Added Spring filter in web.xml in order to support PUT WebService.
  • Changed the web services error mechanism in order to be more explicit on error.
  • Changed the structure of some JSon object. Also changed the behaviour for toJson methods.
  • Added a searchXxx methods for all elements in GlobalService. Those methods will handle the right to see an element or not. Updated actions consequently.
  • Task creation will use Ajax feed, this will speed up construction of the page.
  • Caution, Estimated computed cost for a project has change, now it will be the sum of all estimated task cost (for a not ended task = Estimated cost or if null will be estimated time * the cost of actual assigned user, for an ended task = final cost).
  • Mail options have moved to license panel.
  • Web services activation is available at the license panel.
Bug corrected:
  • Removed JSF from Maven POM and updated POM dependency
  • Bug when administrator created personal task with specific author and assigned to him.
  • The Web Services now use the global right management (same as web application).
  • Struts Internal security mechanism, generated warn logs and avoid icon from showing in dashboard was corrected.
  • Right management for unit and user update is now correct.
  • Error in tooltip for project cost.
  • Unit menu for administrator was not visible when he was not part of any unit

Release 1.2.02

Evolutions from version 1.2.01:
  • Spring, migration to version 4.1.2
  • Log4J, migration to version 2.1.0
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.7
  • JQueryUI, migration to version 1.11.2
  • DataTables, migration to version 1.10.4
  • NotyJS, migration to version 2.2.4
  • CKEditor, migration to version 4.4.5

Release 1.2.01

Evolutions from version 1.2.00:
  • Spring, migration to version 4.1.1
  • Log4J, migration to version 2.0.2
Bug corrected:
  • Administration console is restored.

Release 1.2.00

Evolutions from version 1.1.04:
  • Hibernate mapping will use annotation instead of XML file.
  • All project icon role have been updated.
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.6
  • Tomcat , migration to version 8.0.11
  • CKEditor , migration to version 4.4.3
  • JQuery UI, migration to version 1.11.0
  • Spring, migration to version 4.0.6
  • Data Tables, migration to version 1.10.2
  • JDK, migration to version 1.8.20
  • All cost information for task and project are now on a specific tab.
  • AnyTime JS, migration to version 5.05
  • equals method was simplified.
  • Change the mechanism of news system. It will be more efficient and reactive, it will also update the user if necessary.
  • Changed the forgot password screen for more simplification.
  • All state icon have been updated.
  • PWM is now in HTML5 and uses a responsive design (can change its resolution automatically). This huge change may introduce some visual problem for old browser. Please report them.
  • A computed estimated Cost value is added to project and task view. For project, it represents sum of all tasks computed estimated cost (if not ended) or final cost (if ended).
  • A final cost value for task and project. Will represent the cost value of the element when it be reach ended state.
  • A click on a phone number will call the phone application (if any).
  • A check on all elements (task, project, unit, user) right is done before viewing/exporting/searching information. So now, for example, if user has no role in a project or a task he will not be able to see it.
  • A computed estimated Cost value is added to task view. It represents assigned user cost * supposed time.
  • A refresh icon is now available on all elements when viewing and editing.
  • On the user view, all administrator can now send an automatic email to any user containing its authentication information.
  • Every one can search users now, scope of search will depend of user role.
Bug corrected:
  • 'Project Author': A bug where when an administrator or a unit chief was editing a project they became author of it.
  • 'Security time': Security time exception will be more user friendly. Those exceptions pop up when you want to update an element that is not up to date (someone updated it before you).
  • 'XML export': Real cost was missing in project and task XML export.
  • 'Comments': A bug where when editing a task, comments were not saved and/or deleted.
  • 'Internationalized Month': A bug where month were not internationalized in english on task view.
  • 'French translation': Ended french translation for preferences errors.
  • 'Closing Span': Forgot a closing span in task tooltip.
  • 'Timeline': A bug where when editing a task, time line was showing tomorrow.
  • 'Long comment': Comment was not well presented if too long.
  • 'XLS export': Start date and end date was not right in XLS export for task.
  • 'Project with no team': A bug where when creating project with no team was generating an unexpected error.
  • 'Unit chief tooltip': Tooltip on user view screen for unit chief was not correct.
  • 'SimpleDateFormat': Technical change for the SimpleDateFormat in order to get better behavior in TimeLineTO.
  • 'Null message': A bug where when editing a task, message was containing null instead of the task name.
  • 'XLS Export and time': EstimatedTime and ElapsedTime were sometimes not correct for Project and Task in XLS export.

Release 1.1.04

Evolutions from version 1.1.03:
  • Added Maven dependency mechanism for sources and JAR. This moves the META-INF folder into resources instead of webapp. Also use the m2e plugin in order to use Eclipse project.
  • Tomcat, migration to version 7.0.54
  • Struts, migration to version
  • Anytime JS, migration to version 5.0.2-1405301019
  • Noty JS, migration to version 2.2.4
  • Spring, migration to version 4.0.5
  • JQuery, migration to version 1.11.1
  • JS Datatables, migration to version 1.10
Bug corrected:
  • 'Mail label': Task end label for email was missing
  • 'Excel selection': When export is done, selected values will be in bold italic instead of colored cell
  • 'Csv export': When export is done in CSV, end of line was missing between elements

Release 1.1.03

Evolutions from version 1.1.02:
  • Anytime JS, migration to version 5.0.1-1403131246
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.5
  • Notify JS, migration to version 4.3.4
  • JQuery Datatable grouping migration to version 1.2.9
  • Handsontable JS, migration to version 0.10.5
Bug corrected:
  • Task estimated Time Unit, was in some cases wrong
  • Task time line was not showing properly when at least two users took part to the task
  • View of task time line, was in some cases, missing last day

Release 1.1.02

Evolutions from version 1.1.01:
  • Compatibility with MariaDB
  • POI, migration to version 3.10
  • JQuery migration to version 1.11.0
  • Struts, migration to version
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.4
  • Tomcat, migration to version 7.0.52
  • Spring, migration to version 4.0.2
  • JQuery UI migration to version 1.10.4
  • Timeline will hide zero days values
  • Task, Project and user have a cost notion now. Read documentation for more information.
  • Import can use zipped Excel file (mandatory if your Excel file is larger than 2Mg).
Bug corrected:
  • 'Label key': Forgot a label key in default and english ressource bundle.
  • 'Unit edit': In some cases, the team could not be edited
  • 'Project view': Removed 'No user assigned to this project.' that was always visible.
  • '% missing': A % was missing in the help screen for user search, english version.
  • 'User and unit link': Issue with the link between user and unit at user creation when a unit was not visible.
  • 'Project edit': In some cases, the team could not be edited.

Release 1.1.01

Evolutions from version 1.1.00:
  • Units id will be visible in project's edition/creation.
  • Author is now visible as a projet's role.
  • Disabled tasks will be shown for computed values and Gantt chart in project.
  • None
Bug corrected:
  • Corrected some typo error in French

Release 1.1.0

Evolutions from version Beta 1.0.11:
  • Use of JNDI pool
  • MySQL connector, migration to version 5.1.28
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.3.0
  • In view mode, event view will be less expressive
  • Spring, migration to version 4.0.0
  • Titles of pages have change to be more expressive
  • Computed values from tasks will be visible in edition view of projects.
  • Attached file size is limited at 2Mg for each file, 16Mg for the sum of all file size
  • JavaScript alert popup have been replaced.
  • Added a super user interface to handle domain creation/update and license.
  • You can now move the supposed start date of a project, doing so will also move all supposed start date of tasks that have not been started yet.
  • You can add a comments to a project or a task. They will be dated and historized.
Bug corrected:
  • 'Event View': Corrected some typo error in French
  • Problem in message handling when file size was not correct
  • Problem with license count when deleting a user and then reactivate it
  • Wrong task history was generated when task was reassigned
  • Issue with task that are across two years/.

Release Beta 1.0.11

Evolutions from version Beta 1.0.10:
  • A completion icon (0%, 15%, ... 100%) will be visible near task name
  • A list of administrator is now available in the preference view. You can contact them using those informations.
  • Struts, migration to version 2.3.16
  • A click on a task action will not reload the all dashboard view but just the list of tasks
  • Main functional services have been regrouped in a more readable global service.
  • Noty JS, migration to version 2.2.0
  • Popup will work differently now, they will refresh every minute and only to people that are linked with the event (except the author).
  • Deleting user will now reset its units right, allowing better readings in units view
  • The task assignation has been reviewed.
  • Email service can work using a domain key (allow or disallow the ability to send email using domain key)
  • All Dashboard informations will refresh accordingly with the preference option (1mn by default)
  • Using the preferences you can activate history for each element view (unit, user, project, task).
  • Element's id will be more visible now in order to simplify readings and sendEvent editing
  • State of project and gender of users assigned to task will be visible in task view
  • You can use Events to link elements. As an example, at the end of a task, you can start a project.
Bug corrected:
  • 'Removed console.log in gantt JS': Removed console.log in gantt JS
  • 'Mother tasks': Some issues with tasks that have childs have been corrected
  • 'Admin editing project': Corrected loss of the team organisation when an admin was editing a project that does not belong to its units
  • 'User edit': Could't change the state of a user when connected as admin
  • 'User Refresh': Visual problem when editing a project or a unit where user had a role is corrected
  • 'Attached file': File was not attached or removed properly in some specific cases
  • 'Project view computed elapsed time': Project view computed elapsed time was not show properly sometimes

Release Beta 1.0.10

Evolutions from version Beta 1.0.9:
  • Menu JS Migration to version 2.9.7
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.2.8
  • Some screen will show more quickly
  • ChkEditor, migration to version 4.3
  • Noty JS migration to version 2.12
  • Simplification of web service behavior, read documentation
Bug corrected:
  • 'Session lost': On some OS with some browser, session id was lost
  • 'Menu image': Menu image are now showing properly
  • 'User image': User image is now updating properly

Release Beta 1.0.9

Evolutions from version Beta 1.0.8:
  • 404 error is nicer now
  • MySQL Connector, migration to version 5.1.27
  • Spring, migration to version 3.2.5
  • Tomcat, migration to version 4.0.47
  • REST Web services for selection are available for all entities (unit, task, project, user) (documentation will come later)

Release Beta 1.0.8

Evolutions from version Beta 1.0.7:
  • French Excel template added for export
  • Label size for task/project/unit is now 80 caracters
  • Export file name is internationalised
  • Unicity on project label is removed
  • Export class were normalized
  • You can import data as XLS file.
Bug corrected:
  • Personal projects that do not belong to user that does the export will not be exported
  • Issues with Apache caching and Tomcat resolved

Release Beta 1.0.7

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.6:
  • None
  • None
Bug corrected:
  • Excel export shows correct % now
  • Corrected some French labels and changed unité into service in help windows.

Release Beta 1.0.6

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.5:
  • Will not show late/not late for ended taks
  • Send an email to new user with their password (not activated on test server)
Bug corrected:
  • 'Assigned user': Assigned user for creation task is now ok after an edition.
  • 'Estimated Time': Estimated time for task is now correct if value is greater than 7 days.

Release Beta 1.0.5

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.4:
  • EHCache, migration to version 2.7.4
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.2.6
  • Struts, migration to version
  • MySQL Connector, migration to version 5.1.26
  • Tomcat, migration to version 4.0.42
  • Commons Net, migration to version 3.3
  • Java, migration to version
Bug corrected:
  • 'Multi Excel export': All exported value were not colorized properly.
  • 'Single/Multi Excel export': Some multivalued elements were not colorized properly when empty.

Release Beta 1.0.4

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.3:
  • Help popups were updated regarding the export information
  • Handsontable, migration to version 0.9.17
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.2.5
  • ChkEditor, migration to version 4.2.1
  • FullCalendar JS, migration to version 1.6.4
  • Month and Week were removed from time unit.
  • You can now export data as XML, CSV or Excel file for search result.
  • The email sending option when a task is assigned to or ended was added (not activated on test server)
Bug corrected:
  • 'Search click': Title of search screen and show/hide criteria are no more linked.
  • 'Time compute': In some cases a day was lost in the calculation of project/task estimated time when using the compute button.

Release Beta 1.0.3

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.2:
  • Handsontable, migration to version 0.9.15
  • Hibernate, migration to version 4.2.4
  • Spring, migration to version 3.2.4
  • Ehcache, migration to version 2.7.3
  • FullCalendar JS, migration to version 1.6.3
  • You can now export simple data as XML, CSV or Excel file (in next release it will export search result)
Bug corrected:
  • '404': Some 404 errors in help window for user

Release Beta 1.0.2

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.1:
  • You cannot change directly unit memberchip from user edition view, you'll have to go to the unit view
  • PWM is faster now (add lazy loading on attachement files and other data links)
  • Migration from Hibernate V4.2.2 to V4.2.3
  • Migration from Struts V2.3.15 to V2.3.15.1
  • Mother task or assigned to will not be editable if task is started
  • MsDropdown, migration to version 3.5.2
  • ChkEditor, migration to version 4.2.2
  • FullCalendar, migration to version 1.6.2
  • Anytime calendar, migration to version 4.2013.07.25.a
  • For more performances and more simplicity, the relation between project/user and unit/user has change
  • State of a task or a project can be changed directly in the view screen now (no need to edit/save)
  • State of an element is now also visible in its title
  • Assigned user can now edit task type and priority.
Bug corrected:
  • 'Task edition when just Assigned to': A missing end tag was added
  • 'Tooltip in task edition': Project tooltip in task edition have been simplified
  • 'Firefox multisubmit': Firefox should accept the multisubmit Javascript code better now
  • 'Reasign Task': Task reasign to an available project will be disabled

Release Beta 1.0.1

Evolutions from Beta 1.0.0:
  • Migration from Struts V1.3.10 to Struts V2.3.15
  • Migration from Spring V3.2.2 to Struts V3.2.3
  • Migration from Hibernate V4.2.1 to Hibernate V4.2.2
  • Migration of MySQL drivers from 5.1.22 to 5.1.25
  • Migration of EHCache from 2.7.0 to 2.7.2
  • Migration of commons Codec from 1.7 to 1.8
  • Migration from JVM to
  • Migration from Tomcat 7.0.39 to 7.0.41
  • Migration from JQuery 1.9.1 to 1.10.2
Features :
  • Migration to Struts 2.0
  • Added lastLogin date in search users screen
  • Gantt will now use Json feed for visualisation
  • History will now use Json feed for speed
  • Time unit in all software is now more flexible
  • Double submit is now handled in most screen
  • Pages were cleaned (less scriptlet code)
  • The history class will handle all bugs/evolutions/features between versions
  • Confirmation popup will not pop at the bottom of the screen (instead of the top)
Bug corrected:
  • Attached File content type such as png and gif are now recognized
  • Two tag lib where missing their select close tag
  • The use of ' and " in label is now more flexible with JavaScript
  • Unit grouping in project update should work fine now
  • Author selection is now operational
  • Elapsed time in project and task should be correct in all cases now
  • Some French labels were corrected
  • Corrected issue where a user that belong to no unit could'nt edit its personal project

Release Beta 1.0.0

First beta release.