Give it a try

Where to connect

You can try and test Product Web Manager using this link:
A few recommendations:
  • You cannot charge PWM team or product for the information contained in the demonstration version.
  • This a demonstration version, so any one can connect, DO NOT indicate real information (phone, email, address, ...).
  • If using Internet Explorer, version 8 or above is recommended (may be very slow under other versions of IE)
  • No email can be send using this version in order to avoid spamming issue.
  • All information were generated programmatically, no one and nothing is real.
  • License will allow 200 users, so before creating a new user you'll need do delete one.
  • Data base will be cleaned every week.
  • If you try to access forbidden URL or fail to connect to often, you'll may be ban for a few minutes.

I want to log in

So click on this link:
Use the following users:
  • Login: administrator, password: password, domain key: 1 : This is default administrator user, can do every thing.
  • Login: administrateur, password: password, domain key: 1 : This is an other administrator user that can do every thing but using French locale.
  • Login: testuserX, password: testuserX, domain key: 1 : Where X is a number between 1 and 100. Standard users. (for example: testuser50,testuser50), locale is random (French or English)

You can also use the flagged buttons in order to auto-login.